Thai dance and music originated in the royal court of old Siam. Old Sim is full of archaeological sites and objects, which are evidence of the evolution of Thai history and culture dating back several thousand years.


Not only rich in color and style, Classical costumes are also highly ornate and heavily embroidered especially the elaborate pointy headdresses which resemble the triangular shape of the ancient temple’s rooftop architecture.


Our extensive experience in performing has allowed us the opportunity to creatively ambark on different journeys back in time presenting the history, culture, customs and traditions of the Kingdom of Old Siam throught Thai music and dance.

Who we are

The Thai Dance Trouped of Ottawa was founded in 1987 by Kai Whitcomb, and became the leading Thai performing arts organizations in Canada. The troupe is committed to the creation, development and promotion of Thai classcical and folk drama, music, and dance.

Over the years the troupe has included hundreds of members, adults joining or leaving as their interests and family configurations change, children moving from beginner to professional and then often leaving to pursue careers and families. Currently, the troupe has 20 regular members; ages range between 5 and 55. The Thai-Canadian community joins in for the large annual productions like the “Amazing Thai New Year Celebration 2006” at the theatre du Lac Leamy Casino in Hull, Quebec which involved over 60 people.

What we do

Thai classical dance is elegant in terms of the choreography and the uniformity of steps and movements, and the classical costumes are rich in color and style. Traditional dance relates more to folk events like harvests and the more simple costumes vary from region to regionl the central, the north, the northeast and the south.


The Thai Dance Troupe of Ottawa or its members have performed at numerous events in Ontario, Quebec, the USA, Italy, Trinidad Tobago, Jamaica, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, and Korea since 1987.


The troupe offers classes and workshops to members and the general public free of charge at our location above, please contact us for more details.


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Our Team

Our expertise also enables us to bring ancient Thai art forms into today’s world by adapting and amalgamating different music and dance into new perspectives that are related to not only our audiences but also to our very own artists who are growing up here in Canada.

Kai Whitcomb


Denise Whitcomb

Senior Dancer. Assistant.

Diana Whitcomb

Senior Dancer. Musician.

Amphakarn Pisuthigomol

Senior Dancer. Musician.

Suthasinee Kanjanasatianphorn

Senior Dancer. Musician.

Penny Jackie Kanggarn

Senior Dancer. Musician.

Jane Patlada Ditthavong


Angela Vesey


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